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Aon Hewitt Webinar – What can we learn from the 2017 Global Pension Risk Survey?

Thursday 28 September, three different times

Over the last two years, volatile investment markets, low bond yields and high life expectancies have created a difficult environment for DB pension plans. Our 2017 Global Pension Risk Survey sets out to understand how plans worldwide have reacted to change and the actions they expect to take in the future.

Please join us for our webinar where we will share the findings from the Survey, looking at:

  1. Country-specific results from the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific
  2. How multinational companies are setting pensions policy and managing their DB pension risk across countries


  1. What long-term objectives plans have set
  2. The strategies they are using to manage liabilities and benefits, both now and in the future
  3. The trends in investment strategies and what changes plans intend to implement
  4. How pension risk is being monitored and managed
  5. Local hot topics and trends in each of the main countries with DB plans
  6. The trends in pensions policy for multi-national companies

The webinar is free to attend and lasts an hour. It will take place at three times to cover all time zones:

GMT London New York Los Angeles Tokyo
0200 0300 2200 (27/9) 1900 (27/9) 1100
0900 1000 0500 0200 1800
1600 1700 1200 0900 0100 (29/9)


There will be opportunities to ask questions as well as to hear analysis and insight from Aon’s experts.

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