The Aon Trustee Effectiveness Toolkit
Optimising the way trustee meetings are run is hands-down the most effective way to gain time in meetings, so you can tick off more items, finish on schedule, and get the guidance you need without suffering information overwhelm. And optimising trustee meetings can be the most effective way to lower costs and boost the quality of decision-making.

Many trustee boards are facing the same challenges:
  • Too many things to do, too little time
  • Not completing on schedule
  • No time to focus on strategy – routine and compliance take up all the time! 
  • Advisers give too much information with too little guidance
The Trustee Effectiveness toolkit contains everything you need to give your board a boost from our latest research.

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Our tool-kit

Read about our trustee review process which operates from two perspectives; a traditional review where we focus on the structure and processes of the scheme and; a forward looking review capturing the collective skills of the board (both behavioural and technical) as well as how effective the board decision making is.

Through carrying out our research with Behave London, it is clear that how a meeting is chaired has a direct impact on the board as a whole, the decisions made and how effective those decisions are. Our research also showed that although trustees are better than the general public at mitigating their cognitive biases, errors in judgment are still apparent.

Our latest research, in conjunction with behavioural insight agency Behave London, has helped us to better understand how group dynamics can impact broader decision-making and planning strategy. Based on this research, we have developed our Trustee Meeting Framework.

Our Between Meeting Organiser has been developed to help you to make the best use of time between meetings.

Our ten questions have been designed to help you gain confidence in the decisions you make as a trustee, whether for your Defined Benefit or Defined Contribution scheme. Our questions will help you to understand the decision, to test it and to assess how robust the idea is, all the way through to completion.

With The Pensions Regulator now also focussing on 21st Century Trusteeship and Governance, Aon has a simple process to review how your trustee board run.

Our handy checklist for pension decision making in trustee meetings. If these effects drive your decision-making unchecked, the best you can hope for is to be 'right for the wrong reasons'.

An example business plan that trustees and sponsors can use for the next one to three years for their pension scheme.

Our research

Read the results of our survey, designed to test:

  • Trustees' own opinions of agenda structure and whether they thought long-term strategy was a core focus in their own schemes
  • The effects of group dynamics
  • How using tactics like reversed-thinking, chunking tasks and changing the structure of project teams can improve decision-making

A summary of our research findings examining behavioural decision-making biases.

The reasons why this research will help you with your decision-making.

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