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Aon DC Monthly – April 2018

This month we released a white paper on the role of Diversified Growth Funds (DGFs) in DC investment strategies. DGFs have received criticism in recent years but our view is that they still have a role to play. There are different types of strategies available and it's important to be aware of how they are expected to perform in different market environments and balance this with what you are trying to achieve for your members.

We also recently participated in a roundtable debate in Pensions Expert. We, and a number of other industry experts, were posed questions on different types of DC investments; fixed income, multi-asset and exchange traded funds. It's an interesting read.

We are pleased to share links to both of these items below.

New white paper - The Role of Diversified Growth Funds in DC Schemes

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DGFs have had a difficult time lately. In this paper, we argue that DGFs can fulfil an important role within a DC investment portfolio. However, just like DC savers, DGFs are not an homogenous group and so it is important to consider which type is most appropriate.

The DC Debate - Is fixed income low risk?

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Some lifecycle and target date funds still ‘derisk’ into bonds and cash towards the end of a member’s savings journey, but are we right to consider fixed income low risk? Sophia and other pension experts debate this and other issues at a roundtable organised by Pensions Expert.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s articles. As always, if you have any questions or we can help with any of the issues covered, then please get in touch. See you next month!

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Head of DC Solutions, EMEA

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