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Aon DC Monthly – October 2018
*DC and Financial Wellbeing Survey special*

Welcome to the first of our special editions of DC Monthly! Over the next four months we'll be sharing insights from our new international DC and financial wellbeing member survey – Living the Dream? – as well as continuing to provide you with the best of the rest of our latest DC thinking.

Living the Dream? is based on an international survey conducted this Summer of UK, US and Canadian employees with access to DC plans through their employer. It provides employee insight into areas such as general financial attitudes, adequacy, visions of retirement and where they go for help. You can read a summary of the UK results below, but if you'd like a full copy of the results, just add your name to the waiting list and we'll send you a copy when the full report is finalised in November.

Aon DC Pension and Financial Wellbeing Member Survey 2018

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Your summary of the UK results of Living the Dream? – our latest piece of exciting research.

Listen to our latest podcast – Living the Dream?

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Catch the first in our latest series of podcasts. In this edition Steven Leigh and Victoria Panormo discuss Aon's DC and Financial Wellbeing Survey and ask whether employees' dreams match up to the reality of their situation.

How to optimise your board behaviour and support great decision-making

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At Aon's recent Better DC Decisions workshop, Behave London's Hannah Lewis and Aon's Susan Hoare explored the subject of behavioural bias and how — by having a better understanding of their biases — trustees can enhance their effectiveness. Here is a summary of the session.

We hope you find this month's special edition interesting. We'll be back next month with more insights from the DC and financial wellbeing research material. In the meantime, if there is anything you would like to discuss in more detail, then please drop us a line.

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Sophia Singleton
Head of DC Consulting
Tony Pugh
Head of DC Solutions, EMEA

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Join the waiting list! DC and Financial Wellbeing Member Survey 2018
Please click here to add your name to the waiting list for the full UK report and we will make sure you get a copy when the results are in.